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We are offering a business opportunity to exhibit and sell prison art. Buy now or see details below.
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Our 15-year-old nonprofit arts organization, Safe Streets Arts Foundation, shows and sells art created by imprisoned men and women at the Kennedy Center and many other places. We are looking for partners to show and sell our new value line of art at any and all locations, including street sales which our nonprofit status allows us to do without a license (in Washington, DC and many other locations). All you need is a folding table. We supply everything else. 

You can also exhibit and sell the art many other places, including online. You have no restrictions.
An investment of only $50 is required. This gives you an inventory of 20 large pieces of prison art (each 11 by 17), attractive signage and a letter of authorization naming you as our representative and giving you legal permission to exhibit and sell anywhere. This art is eye catching and fascinating. Show it anywhere to attract people and, with a suggested retail price of only $5 each, sales are numerous. (If you matt or frame the art, you can get $50 each.)

This is a very profitable business with a 150% markup (or more if you price the art higher). On the back of each work of art is a fascinating biography of the imprisoned artist who created it in prisons across the country. To make this an even more profitable business, you can add other items for sale: whatever you choose including water, fruit, souvenirs, etc. Even request donations which you can use for your expenses. With our official letter of authorization you can sell anything you choose as long as our art is included in your offerings

This is an interesting and highly profitable business, and a socially-conscious one. Make money while you make a difference. Work when you want, where you want, with whom you want. It’s an ideal family business. Even involve other retail businesses by offering your prison art to them on consignment. Galleries, religious organizations, clubs, food trucks, restaurants, government buildings, offices, and more are suitable for your nonprofit prison art exhibitions and sales. Your art will enhance their image and attract a loyal following.
Your wholesale cost per piece is just $2.50 when you order 20 at a time (total cost $50) and even less when you order 60 ($2 per piece for a total cost $120). Included with your order is free signage, free shipping. and one free original one-of-a-kind work of prison art for every 10 you order (each original piece retails for $100 or more).

To place your order, please click the Buy Now button below. We use PayPal for payments, the safest form of paying. Your payment is fully refundable if you do not receive what we have promised.

If you have any questions please call us day or night on my direct line 202-393-1511. for our business partners.

WeI look forward to having you join our national network of dedicated and compassionate entrepreneurs. Thank you.

The prison art you will receive is pictured below. Ten images are being offered, with two copies of each if you order the 20-piece package or six copies of each if you order the 60-piece package.
Number of Art Pieces

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