Safe Streets Arts Foundation

Art Consignment Program

We have launched a program to provide beautiful art created in prison to any organization or business to display and sell on consignment. All businesses and organizations qualify, whether a store, restaurant, office, church, nonprofit, school or any other place where the public is welcome. Not only does this art attract people and garner publicity for the places displaying it, but there is a financial benefit since 50% of the sales are retained by the establishment. 

This consignment prison art program is made possible due to the success of our prison art galleries over the last decade. Since we have an excellent reputation among prison artists for exhibiting and selling their work (in one week alone we mailed over $5,000 in commission checks to prison artists for art supplies and restitution requirements), we are currently receiving more art than our galleries can accommodate. We are therefore allocating beautiful prison art to display and sell on any available wall or floor space a business or organization has to offer.  The art is shipped professionally mounted and ready for display, encased in protective crystal clear acetate coverings. Each piece comes with complete authentication and information on the back about the prison artist who created it, the prison in which the piece was made, and usually other fascinating facts.


This art is an irresistible draw and asset for any business or organization. You won't find more attractive or socially meaningful art anywhere. Not only your visitors but the press will be fascinated by this new and gorgeous addition to your location. It's an ideal solution to enliven and generate new interest in and revenue for your organization. In addition to making good money you will  be making an important social statement: in a most attractive way, you are saying you support justice initiatives such as art programs in prison that ultimately make our streets safer; that our brothers and sisters behind bars who will someday return to our communities as our neighbors have not been forgotten and deserve a second chance.


Every visitor to your location will be richly rewarded by the beautiful and meaningful art they see there. They will tell others to come and support you. We often get inquiries from people all over the country who want to see and acquire prison art but who find it inconvenient to come to our Prison Art Galleries. We will let these people in your area know about your location. 

When you sell a piece of art, you send us 50% of your profit. Except for a small cost to prepare the art for display and ship it to you, there is no initial (or later) cost to you whatsoever. We have established a fixed amount of just $38 for mounting and matting to prepare each piece for display and sale. This insures that the art will arrive ready for you to exhibit and sell. 

We take great care in our quality mounting/matting and preparation of the art because we have promised the prison artists we represent to exhibit their work in a professional manner. We have fixed the shipping cost at just nine dollars per piece, again only covering our costs. The total complete cost to receive this art on consignment is therefore only $47 each (including shipping and insurance). These original, exquisite, one-of-a-kind art pieces are priced for you to sell for up to $600 each. In addition to using your available wall space you may wish to use available floor space to display art pieces that will not fit on your wall. .


About the pricing of the pieces that buyers will pay, the art will arrive fully priced and ready to exhibit, with prices affixed to each piece ranging from $100 to $600. However, you can determine the final price when someone wants to make a purchase. There's a lot of negotiating room for you since your only investment in each piece is $47 for art preparation, mounting/matting and shipment. When a piece is sold, simply send us a check for 50% of what you received for it, minus your initial $47 expense which you take off the top. There is no time limit for you to sell the art you receive. Remember, the value of art only appreciates over time.


The only stipulation we make is that you order at least 20 pieces. In this way we can assure people whom we refer to your location that they will find a broad selection of prisoner-made art there. Also, we will select the art to be sent to assure that your collection represents a wide array of styles and themes. Upon request, we will endeavor to include art that goes with the theme of your location, such as religious art for a church, food depictions for a restaurant, justice-related art for a law office, women artists for a female-oriented establishment, and so on, but make no guarantee. What we do guarantee is that all the art you receive will be unique, interesting and beautiful. In addition we will include FREE ten copies of our music CD Prison Tracks, over an hour of instrumental guitar duets recorded by talented inmate guitarists in prison. This unique and inspiring CD regularly sells for $17.95 each. They can be given away to the first ten people who buy art from you.


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. But do not delay. While we have more than a thousand gorgeous pieces on hand for this prison art consignment program, we cannot assure how long the supply will last and may have to limit requests. Our phone number is 202-393-1511 and our email is Thank you.

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